Wednesday, March 25, 2009

new to the whole blogging thing....

OK- So I know what blogs are, I guess i just look at mine differnetly. For me it is alot easier than a journal, one that i share but i do not really think about that part.Plus, i can just log in, i have a problem finding things!!! I like the thought of having somewhere to go and look at all the things i was either thinking., feeling or doing.

I have a list of blogs in my favorites: 1 of my many favs are of coarse Rachel, my queens of scrapland, Amy, Marie, layle(can't wait till the class in September!!!!),Stephanie(thanks for the new company is on its way!!!) and Ali(she makes me want to have another baby, they just grow up tooo fast!!!)

I have a question though for all you bloggers....
*what's up with all the freebies? I know there are lots looking for something for free but to have 4 out 5 posts linking other blogs with give-a-ways? I guess i do not see it.

*Do you think it is OK to post pictures & layouts of children who are not your own? how about if you took the pictures?

So, let me know what you think!

it's 12:30am need to finish getting ready for the EXPO!!!! I had to do a late shift, the girls wanted to play Yahtzee.

till the next time!!

How do I do it???

I seem to be asking myself this alot lately.....

I love what I do & would not change it for the life of me but I am tired!!!

I have super supportive husband, 3 girls....2 of which are starting to love helping their mom....i bribe them with scrapping supplies!!! The best part is when we are done we make a pack to scrap...they are so amazing.....One of my MANY goals is to start an online gallery with there work-they love going to the scrap happy home page and seeing the pages of them!!!

PLUS, i have super friends!!! You are there when i need to is so nice to have friends who are just friends, no drama!!! I have battled with cutting the drama out of my life for the last few months and after stepping back i am completely amazed how the true friends i have are real. No drama!!! Just fun!! yeah, we have moments but true friends can say "hey, sorry i was just having a bad day, here's your magazine back...." Each have there own personalities, just like me but i do believe as you grow as friends you realize "so, what" that person is still a part of my life and i would not change them for anything!!! Ok-starting to ramble.....thanks girls, i would not be who i am without your unconditional support!!!

Till the next time!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What to do.....

OK- this week is flying by so quickly. the weekend is almost here and for the first time in 6 years i have 1 whole day to kids(at a st pat's party) no husband(bowling tourn)...what am i going to do? It feels really weird, I have no plans, i can do whatever i want. now i just have to decide????

I can paint the bathroom
I can go to Target all by myself
I can Scrap...of coarse!!
I can do whatever I want!!!

But what should I do?

paint the bathroom
organize my scrap room
paper work

i'll let you know....any suggestions?