Monday, September 26, 2011


I am so addicted to Copics and LaLa Land stamps! I feel as if Marci and Luca are part of the family already!

The funny thing is I never, i mean NEVER colored until CHA summer! LaLa's own, Irina took the time and "tried" to teach me!!! Poor thing....I can not even count the times she said "your brain is not processing it right!". I thought then and there Sharon was going to pee herself! I did not give up and look at what I can do!!! It is by no means professional but i LOVE it!

till the next time!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer Update....

September 1 already? I can honestly say I am ready for summer to be over. I have traveled so much this summer I am ready to be a homebody for a bit....(shhh 3 weeks til my next trip!!)

So where have i been?

 June: Great American Scrapbook Convention in Virginia with my side kick pics from this trip! It was a real fast one...we left late in the afternoon, set up the next day, 2 days of shows and then straight back! I had to get back to decorate for a graduation party, we actually worked on the table top decorations in the hotel rest for the wicked!

Disney.....if you know me at all you know i am a Disney junkie...I took the girls plus 2 guests to Disney for a week! We drove...which was actually not so bad. I would do it this pic of Bailey looking at the Mad Hatter....


so the day after i got home from Florida it was off to CHICAGO!
i was honestly not planning on attending this year...but i now understand how an addict feels...
i had to go....i love CHA!
I love seeing all the new product, buying all the new product and more than anything....
Seeing old friends! See you in sunny CA in January for our birthday dinner Kristopher....
no excuses this time!!

I will catch you up on the rest of July and August soon!

til the next time!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finally...a chance to scrap!

I was so happy to get a chance to get my back in my scrap room!!!