Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kangaroos in Ohio?

Did you know we have kangaroos in Ohio? Yes, I know we do not but my 3 year old is sure that the neighbors dog is a kangaroo!!!

here is an Addison story.....(i wish i would have had a blog 12 years ago when i had bailey, then Maya....i could have told MANY funny stories, now i can not even remember to make sure my shoes match!!!!)

OK, back to the story....When we headed out for the day, I forgot the back pack so i had Addy wait in the garage. Here she came, screaming "it's gonna get me" my response "what?" Addi: "the kangaroo" after looking outside and spotting the neighbors dog, i let her know it was a dog, not a kangaroo. Insisting that the kangaroo has black stripes and is a kangaroo i embrace it. we have kangaroos in Ohio, they are little for a short time, i need to enjoy it more.